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Friday, November 7, 2008

A Special Message From (((SHAKE)))

Dear friends,

There is a LOT to celebrate, and it's Thursday... That means it's time to (((SHAKE))) with Que Pasa M.I.A. and Sweat Records!! Every Thursday night at The Vagabond, hip hop heads and soul seekers gather for the new weekly get down.

DJ's DOORMOUSE (Chocolate Sundays) and MIKE DEUCE (Money Shot) bring the hip hop and Miami classics to the Bar Room. We also have Nintendo battles going all night projected over the dance floor. This week test your skills at TETRIS!!

Out on the patio, local legend DJ ALEX CASO is your soul provider with his mix of funk, R&B, blues, and other remnants of a musical time gone but not forgotten. Come hungry for our Back Yard BBQ!! We're keeping it simple tonight with hot dogs and hamburgers for all your munchie needs.

At Midnight we hold the now legendary Colt 45 Chug Contest!! Can you, or anyone, beat the reigning 3 week monster James Melgar?! Try, and you can win tickets to next week's MURS show at Churchill's being put on by New Art School!! If you don't know MURS, listen up at We'll be giving out tickets throughout the night!!

You want specials? From 10-11 it's Dirty Hour!! There's NO COVER and $1 Colt 45 Tall Boys for those who want to get dirty early!! We also have $4 Jaeger Bombs, and specials on Gin & Juice and Colt 45 all night.

This party's getting hype not only in the streets, but online:
-That's Crack
-Miami Nights
-Cool Junkie
Mad love to them for spreading the word...

Stay in the know by joining our new Facebook group, or add us on Myspace.

It's time to celebrate change and the dawn of a new era with Barack Obama as President!! See you all tonight and every Thursday when we (((SHAKE))) at The Vagabond!!

Full email with delicious updates coming tomorrow...


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